Submit Composition

Once you have registered, you may submit your composition by completing the three steps below.

  1. Upload your mp3 audio file by clicking here. Review your mp3 audio file by clicking here.
  2. Upload your PDF score by clicking here. Review your PDF score by clicking here.
  3. Mail four printed copies of your score to:
    National Young Composers Challenge
    PO Box 2023
    Winter Park, FL 32790

    The first page of each printed score must be a cover page containing your registration information that will be emailed to you by clicking here.

    You can check that your printed scores have been received at any time by returning to this page (Submit Composition) and clicking here.


    You may submit your composition any time after you register, as long as you are between the ages of 13 and 18 on the date that your printed scores are mailed and postmarked.

    Printed scores must be mailed and postmarked no later than the score submission deadline listed in the schedule at the bottom of the "Guidelines" page of this website.

    Submission materials will not be returned.

    Recordings of winning compositions are made available for educational purposes on the "Composium Recordings" page of this website, along with each winner's submitted audio and score.